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  About this Website  

The tube data resides on several mirror sites in several countries and they are exactly equal,
except for the Poland site which additionally has been equipped with a tube search.
The main website is the one in the Netherlands, my home country: www.tubedata.info
If you like to make a link to the tubedata website, please use this url.
Each of the tube-data mirror sites have three different locations for tube data.
  • The main tables with mainly full datasheets. ('select the first character of the tube')
  • The partly scanned Vademecum pages with data from some massive tube vademecum's. (click on: 'VADEMECUM')
  • The Tube type List has short data for a number of tubes. (Click on: 'Electron tube Type')
  • Note that the main tables have clickable headings with additional info.
    In many cases if something is clickable, the background color is darker.
    Another way of finding tube data is by using the Search.
    The search can find equivalents if a data sheet is present in the main tables.
    Also short data and data from the Vademecum pages can be found.
    The final way to find tube data is by sending me an email.
    If you do, add as much details as possible to help me find the tube data for you,
    such as type, brand, function, base, shape, size, etc. This will help me find the data.
    Of course I don't have them all so it's possible I can't help you.
    Besides tube data there are some extra pages with tube related stuff. Click on the More button.
    Here you will find additional tube related documents and also my 'Instruments' page.
    The site in the Netherlands has a some additional pages with information, such as:
    A page with some information about tube bases.
    A page with some tube number systems explained.
    And some other, more or less related pages.
    Hope you enjoy the website(s) that I could never have made possible without a lot of help from others.
    On the Thanks to page you wil find a list of people that helped me with acquiring/scanning data and
    not to forget: Thanks to the people that are so kind to have the tube data on their servers!!!